Vacation in Coorg – A love story of a Nature Lover

Vacation in Coorg – A love story of a Nature Lover

Some of us just can’t seem to be satisfied with the splendors of city life. No matter what the appeal, nothing beats nature’s glory in our seeking hearts. If you are one amongst us nature-lovers, a vacation in Coorg will add another chapter to your love story with the lush greens.

The district of Coorg is a complete package in itself for those looking to explore the natural bounty that India has to offer. Much like a flower in blossom, the hills, waterfalls and nature parks of Coorg attract tired city dwellers from all over India.

Here’s a short rundown of the avenues you can explore while at your Home stay in Coorg.

Mesmerizing Water Falls:

The Lakshman Tirtha River and the Kaveri river flow through the Coorg district. Your weekend getaway to Coorg must include a trek to the gorgeous waterfalls of Iruppu Falls and the Abbey Falls. The Abbey Falls are an ideal hike for all nature buffs. The hills are filled with the aroma of spice plantations and coffee estates. Another trek that will be unforgettable for you is the Iruppu Falls trek. The greenery that surrounds the falls make weary travelers forget their worries. The gushing white waters of the waterfalls have a mystical effect on those who venture to witness them.

National Park:

Your vacation in Coorg will remain incomplete without a visit to the two national parks. The Nagerhole National Park is home to over 270 birds species and a large number of animals. The summer and winter seasons are best times to see wild animals. Your weekend getaway to Coorg will be incomplete without experiencing the beauty of Asian Elephants in their pristine environment.

The other national park is Nisargadhama.It is a delta formed on the Kaveri river. This park is situated in the midst of teak and sandalwood trees. You can perch upon a treetop bamboo cottage to view the entire landscape or choose to take a boat trip along the shoreline.

Delightful View Points:

Your vacation in Coorg cannot go wrong. The Raja’s Seat and Mandalpatti viewpoints are an opening to the most picturesque views of the hills and valleys of Coorg. The romantic in you will be grateful to witness the sunrise and sunset at these points. These are ideal points for backpackers to pick up on the trail and reach the points from where the view is just as breathtaking as it is relaxing.

The Bramhagiri Hills provide another opportunity for you to trek through deep green landscape and sparkling waters complete with a rich variety of flora and fauna. A host of rare and beautiful animals such as lion-tailed Macau, Giant flying squirrel and spotted deer will add wonder to your weekend getaway to Coorg.

We at PSRENTHRALLS believe in reconnecting city-dwellers to their roots and our homestay in Coorg is a expression of that desire. If you are looking to explore nature, we are your friend and guide in your journey. As avid nature lovers, it is our request that you hit the road and join us in a mesmerizing vacation in Coorg.

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