22 Little Explored Beauties for One Day Outing in Bangalore

22 Little Explored Beauties for One Day Outing in Bangalore

A perfect metropolitan city is incomplete without weekend getaways nearby to escape the madness of hectic metro life. Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, is way too much of a perfect metro in this regard. There are hundreds of odd escapades near and around the city which make for perfect One Day outing in Bangalore for Family.

The significance of taking mini-breaks and looking for one day outings near Bangalore has escalated rapidly over the last few years. The hectic work life calls for some semblance of balance and undue pressure of deadlines make the lungs of the mind scream out for fresh air.

And here in this article, we bring to you, the best of the best locales for you to venture out in a weekend.

Read on and pick your next destination.

1.Kanakapura Nature Camp

Kanakapura Nature Camp

This place is perfect for a quick one-day outing near Bangalore. The campsite is nestled carefully between hills and a river. The serenity of the location makes it hard to believe that you have traveled only 60kms away from Bangalore. This campsite offers adventurers a hilly trek uphill complete with cave exploration. Water-lovers can enjoy a number of activities such as rappelling and snorkeling and boating.

2.Chikmagaluru – Homestay at Paradise

Chikmagaluru – Homestay at Paradise

Chikmagaluru is a sweet four-hour drive away from Bangalore city. This place has a magical effect on your nervous system. Firstly, your eyes will green wherever they turn and your ears will quickly get used to the friendly quietness of the surroundings. Chikmagalur is nicknamed “coffee town” and you can spend your one-day outing near Bangalore exploring sights and smell that reward your senses amply.

  1. Virajpet, Coorg

Virajpet, Coorg

Coorg is located on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghat. Virajpet is one of the quaint gems in Coorg and a must-visit for anyone who lives and loves to travel in Bangalore. The homestays in Virajpet reflect the oldest Indian tradition of serving the guest as Gods. This directly means that you will get sumptuous local cuisines served with tender love and care during your stay. You can spend your one-day outing near Bangalore simply reading and enjoying BBQ or you may even take a hike up the mountains. The choice is yours.

4.Shivgange Campsite

Shivgange Campsite

This place is less than a hundred kilometers away from Bangalore. It presents a beautiful uphill trek which in a typical Indian way, has religious significance too. It is rumored that the water in the Shivgange waterfall has its origin in the holy Ganges itself. Whether you believe in myths or not, the hill overlooks a mesmerizing view and it is one of the most favorite destinations for people looking for a trek uphill.

5.Ramnagara Hills

Ramnagara Hills

Ramnagara Hills is a site that deserves mention in the list of best places for one-day outings near Bangalore. This is especially a treat for adventure enthusiasts and those who love mountain climbing. The trek consists of a monolith and generally, climbers start the climb at early hours of the morning. Tourism services here provide bonfire, hearty breakfasts and water activities such as Kayaking – all to make your weekend getaway all the more special.

  1. Stone Valley Resorts

Stone Valley Resorts

Kushalnagar is home to the stone valley resorts. This is an ideal place for those who are looking for minimum activities and maximum calm relaxation in their one-day outing in Bangalore. The stone valley resorts near Kushalnagar offer all the amenities available at resorts but the location and greenery make it seem like a place out of a picture book.

7.Ramnagara Camp

Ramnagara Camp

Ramnagara camp is the perfect place for those who love the sense of adventure. This campsite offers the unique experiencing spending the night under a star-lit sky – an experience which is only stuff of dreams to the metro city dwellers. Ramnagara campsite is the perfect excuse to pack your bags and take off to the mountainsides on your one-day outing near Bangalore.

8.Kathadi North – Seaside Bungalow

Kathadi North – Seaside Bungalow

On any regular day, an office worker is immersed in an ocean of work. This may seem to be the only kind of ocean there is. However, if you chose Kathadi North Bungalow as your one-day outing in Bangalore destination, you will find that the real ocean is a different ballgame altogether. This beautiful location packs white sandy beaches and blue ocean waters together to immerse you in a very different experience.

  1. Jade Club Resort

Jade Club Resort

If you are just looking to chill on your one-day outing near Bangalore, Jade Club is the perfect site for you. Your short trip will be a breeze as you sit by the poolside sipping on your drinks. The resort is equipped with a playing arena where you can pursue your passion for both indoor and outdoor games. It will be a welcome break from playing mind-games at work to shifting your focus to actual games where your mind can soar above the mundane workings of day to day life.

  1. ChikmagaluruSivasa Homestay

This resort deserves special mention on the list of best one-day outing sites near Bangalore. Other than mouthwatering Malnad food, this is an ideal location to simply sit and enjoy your precious holiday hours. The healthy air of Chikmagalur is famous for stirring one’s appetite and the food served at this particular homestay takes your cravings to another level. You may also choose to trek or indulge in indoor and outdoor activities, but we recommend you to indulge in a siesta – the best way to get rid of the city- jeg-lag.

  1. Dandeli Camp Site

This is yet another campsite which you may choose to drop by on your one-day outing near Bangalore. The tiny river just next to the campsite cleanses your mind of worries. This is an ideal site to sit back and relax for those of you who just want to chill. However, in case you are the active kind, this place offers you a host of activities such as kayaking, boating and nature walks.

  1. Golden Amoon Resort

The sole purpose of a neat one-day outing near Bangalore is to unwind and recharge your mind-body system. With that objective in mind, drive into the Golden Amoon resort and max out on the relaxation quotient. As the name suggests, this resort treats you like a pharaoh of ancient Egypt. The discotheque in the Golden Amoon beckons you to party the night like the Kings of the past and recharge your batteries for a fresh week start.

  1. Paramotoring

This is perhaps the greatest gift of adventure possible in your mini one-day outing near Bangalore hunt. While paragliding requires mountainous hills and valleys, paramotoring gives you the same joy of paragliding minus the unnecessary terrain constraints. This is an ideal sport for any body type and requires only a little training. An instructor and guide will be by your side at all times to ensure you have a safe flight and derive pure joy while you are on air.

  1. Micro flight

This makes the best birthday gift or a truly out of the world romantic day on a one-day outing near Bangalore. It is a dream come true for all of us who ever wondered how it might feel like to be in a cockpit of a metal bird. This trip is designed especially for the brave in heart who wish to touch the sky. If you find yourself wanting to do something truly extra-ordinary on a bright gorgeous Bangalore day, simply choose to take this micro-flight.

  1. Parasailing

True to its name, parasailing gives you the experience of cruising through the sky. A note of warning, this is a hardcore adventure sport and not meant for the faint in the heart. If you want to challenge yourself or face your fear, this is the best route to take. It is not every day that a one-day outing near Bangalore literally places you on top of the world with a bird’s eye view of what you have left behind down below. We recommend you to take this adventure sport simply because you deserve to break the conventional ideas of how a weekend activity should be like.

  1. Paintball – Game on

It is true that the weekdays are full of crossfires from bosses and unwieldy colleagues. However, the battleground of Paintball is one which you will love to be in. The paintball arena is a wide-open field where you can pursue your enemies with vengeance and passion – armed with a gun and paint bullets. The reason we recommend you take a tryst with the paintball arena is that it is an unlikely experience. Paintball is a highly strategic game and brings PubG to live-action. What better way is there to spend your one-day outing near Bangalore?

  1. Sakleshpur, Monsoon Wonder

If you think that monsoons can dampen the spirit of adventure- think again. The Sakleshpur campsite is the perfect one-day outing in Bangalore for those who love the rain and dare to hike up mountains in a rain jacket. And of course, the prize is the awe-inspiring scenic beauty and the wonderfully ravenous food that awaits you at the campsite.

  1. MakaliDurga Trek

This one-day outing near Bangalore is perfect for history buffs and those of us who want to relive India’s glorious past. The trek leads up to the ancient MakaliDurga fort. The ruggedness of the trek is complemented by the soothing sights along the way. You may even choose to trek up the hill at night – a time best-loved by adventure and thrill-seekers who love to frequent this scenic route.

  1. Luxury Getaway, Wayanad

It is not necessary that a one-day outing in Bangalore has to have trekking or adventure activities. Sometimes, we just need to get away from the city and escape into a world of luxury to rejuvenate our senses. For those of you looking for a treat, Vythiri Luxury resort is an ideal place. This resort is a favorite hangout of tourists from all over the world. You need to step in to know why.

  1. Heritage Stay, Pondicherry

Our country is a multicultural hotspot. If you want to experience the truly global outlook in India, you must pick the quaint MaisonPerumal heritage to stay for your muse. It is a perfect example of Franco-Tamil architecture and the Pondicherry air simply works its magic on your Bangalorean brain. This trip will be complete only if you take up the heritage walk and visit the Grand Bazaar of Pondicherry. And you must.

  1. Heritage Stay, Bangalore

Bangalore is a heritage city in itself. Founded by Maharajas of the past, this city is not devoid of culture. The Shilhaandara resort is an embodiment of the spirit of Bangalore. Enjoy the silence of the night in this resort and transport yourself back to the times when oil lamps were the height of new technology. This resort offers you both rooms to stay as well as tents to enjoy the outdoors. Surely include this Bangalore resort on your list of one day outings near Bangalore.

  1. Kaav Safari Lodge, Kabini

The thirst for adventure has led to the birth of a number of campsites around Bangalore. However, the Kaav Safari lodge’s campsite adds luxury to adventure. The site is set in the middle of Bandipur and Nagarhole forest camps and allows you to experience authentic wildlife along with mouthwatering food. This site is a hot favorite among those seeking a relaxing weekend near Bangalore. Make sure you add this one to your list of places to visit.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the list of probable places to pick for your next one-day outing in Bangalore as much as we have enjoyed collating the list for you. All these sites are complete with basic amenities such as running water and washrooms and are child-friendly. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and jump on to the journey! Bon, voyage!

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