Who We Are

”Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure,” says Bob Bitchin and we could not agree more.

At PSR Enthrals, we do not believe in the mundane and the routine.

We are anti-settling down in comfortable chairs and whiling away minutes and seconds to nowhere.

We are enemies of the comfort zone.

We are those crazy group of professional adventure enthusiasts who believe that a weekend outing near Bangalore should be invested in exploring the wild side and not wasted in seeking more comfort.

At PSR Enthrals we live by our promise to bring out the tough-you out of the so-called normal-you. We believe in breaking barriers and redefining what a one-day outing with the family in Bangalore can look like.

We are those people who go out of their way to discover the sites and locales where you can be your truest self – one with nature and harnessing the spirit of adventure.

We live by adventure. We swear by adventure. Without adventure, there is no PSR Enthrals and if you seek adventure in your weekend outing near Bangalore, choose PSR Enthrals.

We believe there is no point to confirming with rules and toeing in the line. We present to you a whole range of corporate team building activities specially designed keeping team outings in Bangalore in mind, but with a difference.

 In our team outings in Bangalore, we introduce you to the grueling training fields of ninja commandos. Our activities are designed to challenge you to exceed yourself instead of just providing you with tasks that cater to cushion the city-born ego.

We take the spirit of adventure as our guiding force and we have found that we are not alone in our quest for the extraordinary. Thousands of Bangaloreans have joined our tribe and PSR Enthrals has happily extended an arm and a rope to rescue those who need to break away from the false sense of security to seek one’s true self.