Weekend Curfew Package

The Weekend Curfew Package in 2022 that will live up to your Weekend plans

It has been around two years that the dreaded pandemic has impacted our lives and in this time, there have been intense periods of infections. Unfortunately, Bangalore city has seen a rise in infections lately and that has prompted the authorities to impose a weekend

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Adventures Kanakpura

Top Adventures and Sites to Explore while in Kanakapura

Bangalore is a bustling point connecting to the various sites filled with beauty and adventure near Kanakapura road. Kanakapura is situated about 55 km away from the city of Bangalore. It is one of the most attractive weekend getaway locations near Bangalore, which serves the best

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Kanakapura Nature Adventure Camp On New Years

PSR Enthrals Offers The Best Outing To The Kanakapura Nature Adventure Camp On New Years

The New Year is a special time and with the winter chill reaching its peak stage, one will desire to spend time outdoors. As a Bangalore resident, if you are undecided on how to spend this time, you can contact us PSR Enthrals. We are

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Tent camping near me

Top 5 Places for Night Camping near Bangalore in 2022

The city of Bangalore is a bustling point that connects some of the best night camping sites. If you are a lover of nature, adventure, and enjoy the wild, night camping is the best option to leave you with an ecstatic experience. The camping sites

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New Year Getaway Destinations from Bangalore

Where will the party be very classy and happening for this New Year Eve at Bangalore?

As the New Year approaches, it brings you a good opportunity to travel Karnataka and explore its rich culture. The busy city of Bangalore, apart from the hustle and bustle, is also a place from where you can venture out to chill by the beach or relax

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camping in Bangalore

Some Beautiful Spots For Camping In Close Vicinity Of Bangalore

It is hectic as you work with a Bangalore leading IT service provider and there is surely work pressure. This is precisely the reason why you would be eager to do something different on the weekends. It is the moment when you desire to escape

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trekking Destinations in Bangalore

Most Alluring Trekking Destinations in Bangalore that you shouldn’t miss!

Whether a job seeker or a traveller, Bangalore is always regarded as the most desirable trekking destination. The city is surrounded by the radar of trekking enthusiasts for making the marvellous trekking trials. There are around 7 top places in and around Bangalore that need

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Bangalore weekend travelers and trips

Twelve Road Trips From Bangalore To Explore On A Weekend

The charm of a road trip lies in the fact that as a traveler you get independence. There is no emergency to board a flight or catch a train. One can extend or even prepone the trip based on convenience. In close vicinity of your

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Weekend Trips From Bangalore

Weekend Trips From Bangalore that You Shouldn’t miss out

Staying in a lively and boisterous city like Bangalore has its own perks. Apart from having a booming career and a busy social life basking in modernity, there are some lovely places to explore during the weekend trips. You do not need to think before

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Top 5 places for ideal one day trip from Bangalore

Life in Bangalore is entirely hectic and mundane. The approaching deadlines and assignments have completely taken over your head. To add spice to your monotonous life, a one day trip from Bangalore is a great way. The best part is near to Bangalore there are

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