Survival Skills are essential techniques that a person may use in order to sustain life in any type of environment, natural or manmade. Have you ever wondered how our ancestors lived ages ago? How did they meet their basic needs of Food, Fire, Water, and Shelter? We have been passed with this information through our genes and generations. We are part of evolution of the Mankind on this planet. The technological advancements today have made us a slave to modern comforts, but our nature craves for this experience.

we take you back in eons to have a life-transforming experience. You get trained in essential Survival Skills and subconsciously get wired to your primal instincts. The clarity on life, your vision, and the goals you experience after these five days’ workshop will transform you as a person to become better and more confident than ever before.

Though we are using the term primitive living for ease of understanding our methodologies in fact, we prefer to call it “Holistic Living” where you live in complete harmony with mother nature and all forms of life.


Modern research has proven that when you absorb the raw energies of nature and spend time with plants, it leads to a better you in many different ways. Here are some of the intangible payoffs from our exclusive  workshops

  • Your immunity levels rise and the stress levels are reduced dramatically.

  • You will experience a connection with your inner self and heal.

  • You will experience a better sleep pattern and detox from the digital world.

  • You will learn to find out of box solutions for challenges at work and in life.

  • Bond and make friends with like minded individuals.

  • Find your purpose and reflect on your goals.

  • Ignite your hidden primal instincts

5 Nights 6 Days Available on request Adukkam, Tamil Nadu

How we do it.

The five-day immersive experience is designed in a way that slowly you will learn to reduce your dependence on modern means of existence. You will develop a unique perspective to live a richer and more fulfilling life, just like our forefathers and ancestors lived in complete harmony with nature. You will learn to meet your needs of living without the modern resources we are accustomed to. This is an eco-friendly workshop. We believe in forest conservation and preservation.

A brief outline of how you will live this experience


Once you settle down at the camp, we will begin with a detailed brief about the whole experience and understanding and knowing each other. You will then go through basic sessions on Survival Psychology and an introduction to Wilderness Survival. Campfires are a daily ritual and time for discussions. The nights are magical and we shall take you on a cosmic journey where you will learn to identify major constellations and zodiacs in the sky. You will also learn how to find directions at night.


You will start your day with a light trek into the forest, absorbing the healing energies and understanding nature. You will practice Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing. We give you the skills to meet your basic needs of food, fire, water, and shelter. You will select a suitable place to build your own shelter. You will learn how to light a fire by friction and different types of fires for different types of usage. You will learn bushcraft skills to make your own cordage, different types of knots, and lashings. You will learn about various tools including a knife and how to make one for your needs.


We go foraging for our needs as well as learn outdoor cooking techniques. How to improve your shelter, camp craft, etc. Safety in the wilderness against wild animals and other threats etc. You will now be guided on how to improve your living by learning the art of pottery making, sun drying, and baking your utensils and other implements. You will use them on Day for your cooking and storing food and water. You will also learn safety and Wilderness First Aid. You will learn how to make primitive weapons made by our forefathers for their survival and safety, including bow and arrows, boomerangs, spears, suruchin, slingshots, etc. How to hunt and set up basic traps. By the end of Day 3 you would have created your shelter and be happy to move into it, should you wish to spend a night in it. Night brings you a deeper understanding of existence as by now you would have learned how to meet your basic needs for survival without modern means.


You will explore more of the forest and learn advanced techniques to cross obstacles, do fishing, learn floatation techniques, and make your own raft. Individual secured space for a meditative reflection on your inner self. Post lunch you will interact with locals understanding their ways of life and organic farming. The night around the campfire will have a sharing of stories and experiences. This interactive knowledge session is also for fun and recreation

​Day 5: A NEW YOU

De-stressed and detoxed from the digital world, you will experience a new high in your confidence levels. Being the last day of this transformative experience we have a few small sessions to sharpen your Survival Skills before we conclude. You will be free to move back after breakfast. We would keep some time free to include anything that the participant may wish to learn or do. Yes, you get a Certificate of Participation in Wilderness Survival & Primitive Life Skills from The Wild Survival Academy. (Basic or Intermediate Level depending on your performance and evaluation by the faculty)

(Detailed schedule and list of activities will be given to the confirmed participants separately, more activities like Wilderness First Aid, Self defence etc may be added during the workshop in or existing activities may be modified) You will also be getting some time to indulge in your creative passions be it Painting, Writing or any other. So get ready to rediscover yourself.


This workshop is facilitated by a team of experts who are Army veterans and have many years of experience in living a primitive way of life, a life of minimal needs, and being totally self-reliant on available local resources.

They have trained commandos and practiced wilderness survival extensively. Often learning the ways of life from tribal and village folks, they now bring you experience and journey into self-discovery.

What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

What you can expect

This five-day life-transforming workshop will teach you how-to live-in harmony with nature, the forest, and the wilderness in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. Many people in the world today have chosen to live this way of life to have a more peaceful co-existence with other living beings dependent on the resources of our planet. You will disconnect and reconnect with modern life during this workshop. Unlearning and relearning is what we aim at during this workshop in complete harmony with nature. You do not have to kill animals or destroy the fauna; life can be peaceful coexistence with all your needs met adequately to survive. 

Self-Transformation and essential payoffs from this experience

  • Reconnect with yourself.
  • Destress and detoxify your mind.
  • Mindfulness and increased intuition.
  • Skills and confidence to survive against all odds.
  • Develop a keen sense of observation and lateral thinking.
  • Improved sleep and strengthening of your immune system.
  • Clarity of thoughts and vision for life.
  • Primitive living skills.
  • Connect with creations of nature and get insight into your inner self.
  • Ignite your creativity and appreciation for the marvels of nature.

Some of the Outdoor Skills you will learn and practice in this program are given below. Not a comprehensive list, we may cover more or less depending on the time available and local conditions permitting. However, the essentials you will need for a safe outdoor life will be adequately covered.​

We will be teaching you practical techniques which can be applied in your respective lives. The skills which you build as above will give you a thorough understanding of Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft. You can use them to overcome any manmade or natural emergency.

We will gradually build up your skills from a very basic level in order to give you a good foundation in outdoor Skills. Whether you are an avid trekker, a mountaineer or just curious about wilderness you will love immersing in nature and learning from our experienced faculty which is primarily drawn from the Military,


Psychology of Survival , Understanding a survival situation and steps  

  • Wilderness Survival & bushcraft Techniques
  • Knife Skills, handling & improvising
  • Ropes , Knots , Lashings Cordage Making & Camp Craft
  • Direction finding by Day and by Night( Different methods)
  • Making your own compass
  • Survival Kit , How to build and use Building bridges for obstacle crossing. Obstacle crossing techniques. 
  • Safety parameters.Fire ,Friction Fire techniques, Types and layout, Safety in dealing with fire and precautions.
  • Shelter building, Importance, Siting and construction
  • Water,Water Sourcing and purification
  • Outdoor cooking techniques 
  • Foraging, What to eat and what to avoid. Idendification of edible and medicinal plants.
  • Safety in wilderness against wild animals and other threats
  • Making simple traps
  • Basic hunting skills
  • Primitive Weaponry
  • Pottery making for own needs
  • Weaving
  • Raft & Raft building
  • Floatation techniques
  • Tracking essentials
  • Search and Rescue
  • Signalling

....and many other practical tips and techniques

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