Rekindle Team Bonding with One-Day Outing at Kanakapura Campsite

Rekindle Team Bonding with One-Day Outing at Kanakapura Campsite

A fun-filled one-day outing is the best way to stir up your Team and sky-rocket productivity.

Let’s call a spade a spade and a corporate job a sophisticated form of human-bondage to desks and chairs. The regular drill of repetitive work tends to make the human resources of organizations feel like another kind of office equipment.

The PSR Enthralls Kanakapura campsite is a god-sent for those looking to wake their sleepy workforce into roaring enthusiasm, once again. A Team Outing in Bangalore the backdrop of nature gives your Team a glimpse of the real purpose which drives organizations – to achieve excellence by coming together.

Here’s are the reasons why you must book your next corporate team outing at Kanakapura Campsite :

Location. Location. Location.

The Kanakapura campsite is located at a distance of little over 50 km from Bangalore city. The ease of travel to and fro makes it the best choice within the city’s radius. You can pack in an enchanting mini road-trip too into your one-day outing schedule.


The cool waters of Lake Hosadoddi adjacent to PSR Enthralls Kanakapura day outing is the best place to submerge office routine and worries. A host of water-sports activities such as kayaking, zip-lining across waters and of course, regular boat rowing await your team.

Plunge into the cool waters in your team outing and wash-off exhaustion for good.

Trekking Terrain

All sorts make up a team. Kanakapura campsite is located to cater to the adventurers among your team. The Banahathimari hills offer an excellent track for mountain climbers. This is a preferred destination for weekend outings as well as team outings. This track lets your employees stretch out in nature for good.

Hand-on Action

This ideal team outing destination is packed with a 360 degree with eight different elements – a rarity in India. This is typically suited for those who love getting into hand-on action and don’t mind getting their hands dirty in pursuit of excellence.

Games on Demand

A team outing is never complete without some good old fashioned games such as Kabaddi and volleyball. These games require a coordinated team effort and that is exactly what you want to simulate in your one-day outing with your corporate family, right?

Over the years PSR Enthralls has witnessed several team outings at Kanakapura campsite. It is a fact that the team which enters the camping area is not the same as the one which leaves at the end of the day. Above exhaustion of the one-day outing, is a glowing sense of exhilaration of participating in challenging activities and coming out as winners.

The silent and peaceful campsite gives the team outing a new meaning where employees find a chance to interact with members across teams. Team outings are the best time for team leaders to connect with their team members at a closer and more personal level.

This is also the best budget team outing and one-day outing site. Your emphasis on rekindling your team’s latent productivity. And the Kanakapura campsite is designed to give you that exact desired outcome.

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