What are the Basic Primitive Life Skills You Need to Know for Fighting Tough Situation?

What are the Basic Primitive Life Skills You Need to Know for Fighting Tough Situation?

Along with extensive academic knowledge, every human being should understand specific essential techniques. Every human being requires survival skills to sustain life in any natural or manmade environment. Beyond the slavery of technological advancements, primitive life skills train you to get subconsciously wired to your primal instincts.

Some primary life skills that you should know

  • Building a Fire: Knowing how to light up a fire would always help you in certain situations. Having this knowledge is very important when tripping to a mountain or a forest. A fire would always keep you warm in extreme cold conditions and keep you off predators. Building a fire might be challenging in a damp situation or without any supply. If you have the basic concept, you can be well prepared beforehand.
  • Potable Water Creation: In a crisis, the capability of sourcing fresh drinking water is an important skill. You might not always get clean water for use outside the hotel room while tripping. Even natural water sources might be contaminated and host infectious germs. Therefore, knowing how to create potable water in the wild is essential. It would help if you learned several techniques for filtering the water using charcoal, small river rocks, or sand.
  • Food Foraging: While tripping to an extreme place, food availability might be a question. Therefore a person needs to know how to forage food in a difficult situation. Nature would always provide you with specific options; all you have to know are to identify them. Certain wild plants are edible and can help in any uncertain situation. They are capable of providing you with a low-impact supply of energy. It is recommended to avoid fungus and mushrooms for beginners.
  • First Aid: Being out in the wilderness, availing of emergency services can be challenging in injury. You should be capable of administering first aid, conducting CPR, treating burns, controlling bleeding, stabilizing limbs, etc.
  • Making Weapons: Having a weapon on forest trips is necessary for self-defense against any predator. You should learn to make a weapon, like a slingshot, from scratch so that, if required, you are to save yourself.
  • Build a Shelter: Looking for a shelter in an extreme location might be impossible. Therefore before planning a risky adventure trip, you should learn how to build a shelter. Different shelters can be made according to the terrain, season, and surroundings. Knowing how to fix a tent might help in a difficult situation.


Primitive life skills intensify your immunity levels and control stress levels. These skills help you to connect with your inner self and heal. Most importantly, these skills teach how to reach a solution in an adverse situation and take on challenges.