Top Adventures and Sites to Explore while in Kanakapura

Top Adventures and Sites to Explore while in Kanakapura

Bangalore is a bustling point connecting to the various sites filled with beauty and adventure near Kanakapura road. Kanakapura is situated about 55 km away from the city of Bangalore. It is one of the most attractive weekend getaway locations near Bangalore, which serves the best of adventure and nature. When in Kanakapura, you can experience every bit of nature, from waterfalls to rivers to parks to green forests. The place also offers stunning prehistoric temples with eye-catching architecture and tantalizing street food, making Kanakapura a lifetime of experience and a must-visit location.

So, let us discover the best sites to visit and the most adventurous activities to explore in Kanakapura.

Top sites and activities to consider while on a getaway in Kanakapura:

  • The wonderful Chunchi Falls.

By the Arkavati River, the Chunchi falls is located. Chunchi is an isolated village near Kanakapura with a great view of the waterfall. To reach the waterfall, you need to trek hard, about 2 km, to finally experience the wonderful Chunchi falls. It offers a great place for a good family outing in the monsoon while venturing through Kanakapura.

  • The daunting Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta.

The popular Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is known as the highest region of Kanakapura. It is commonly known as the White Hills, which is loved by the trekkers and adds to the perfect blend of adventure in Kanakapura. The famed Lord Rangaswamy Temple is situated under a gigantic granite rock and presents hiking and caving opportunities.

  • The serene Mekedatu. 

Mekedatu is a beautiful spot for nature enthusiasts as it is situated at the meeting points of rivers Kaveri and Arkavath. The place has a mythological history and is a hotspot for its authentic natural surroundings and lush greenery. Its peaceful environment amidst nature makes it a must-visit site while on an outing in Kanakapura.

The adventure camps provide various amusing activities for travelers. You can search for Camping for family options as it is a must to explore in Kanakapura. There are various other activities arranged at the adventure camps of Kanakpura amid nature. Activities like zip-lining, volleyball in the mud, kayaking, boating, and climbing are a must, and indoor games like chess, carom, etc.

  • Relax at the Circular Square.

The circular square offers amazing music gigs facilitated with mind-blowing cafes, culturally enriched workshops, free Wi-F access, and amazing views for ultimate relaxation with family and friends.

Thus, Kanakpura is a perfect blend of nature and exciting adventures, making it a happening getaway spot for families, friends, and travelers.