Top 10 Long weekend adventures – Multi-day and night treks near Bangalore

Top 10 Long weekend adventures – Multi-day and night treks near Bangalore

Planning a long weekend trip that will sate your wanderlust and keep you enthralled? Look no further than Bangalore for some of the best night treks in India. From short trips around the city to multi-day hikes, there’s something for everyone. Here are our top 10 picks!

1. Kunti Betta: A two-day trek to this hill near Pandavpura will take you through picturesque fields and riverside trails before leading up to a lake at the summit. On clear nights, soaring views of stars in the sky await you here!

2. Chikmagalur: This three-day trek meanders through coffee plantations as well as hills and valleys of the Western Ghats. The trail culminates in a camp atop Mullayangiri, the highest peak in Karnataka.

3. Savandurga: This is one of the most popular night treks near Bangalore, thanks to its proximity to the city. It’s just 12 km away from Magadi and offers spectacular views of sunrise over Arkavathi River valley from Karigudda Hilltop.

4. Antharagange: A four-day trek, Antharagange is located at Kolar district and features some amazing rock formations along with incredible natural beauty all around. There are some beautiful waterfalls on this route as well!

5. Skandagiri: This hill fort near Nandi Hills is a favourite among night trekkers in Bangalore. You can reach the summit by sunset and enjoy spectacular views of the city skyline from here.

6. Devarayanadurga: This three-day trek will take you to the hills that surround Tumkur, giving you plenty of time to soak in its beauty. The peak offers some gorgeous views of the nearby waterfalls and lush greenery all around.

7. Makalidurga: Located about 60 km from Bangalore, this hill fort is ideal for an overnight trekking trip. It’s surrounded by historical ruins, perfect for anyone looking for a bit of adventure!

8. Kabbal Durga: A two-day trek, this is one of the most challenging night treks near Bangalore. It takes you through rocky terrains and a few waterfalls before culminating at the peak where it offers gorgeous views of Ramanagara.

9. Manchinbele: This two-day trek will take you to the lake of the same name, surrounded by lovely hills on all sides. At night, campfires offer a mesmerizing view under a canopy of stars!

10. Nandi Hills: Just 60 km from Bangalore city, Nandi Hills is known for its lush greenery and spectacular views of sunrise and sunset. A long weekend here surely won’t disappoint!

So go ahead and pick your favourite from our list of long weekend night treks near Bangalore. A world of adventure awaits you!

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