12 Places to Visit in Bangalore For Kids Day-Out!

12 Places to Visit in Bangalore For Kids Day-Out!

Bangalore is the perfect destination for kids day-out. With its many attractions and activities, your little ones are sure to have a memorable time here! From amusement parks and science centres to animal reserves and nature trails – there is something for every kid in Bangalore.

Here are 12 places you can take your kids to ensure they have an amazing experience:

  1. Snow City – Let your children explore the joys of snow in this unique indoor winter wonderland! With multiple snow slides, ice sculptures, and a host of exciting activities – Snow City makes for a great place to visit with kids.
  2. Wonderla – This amusement park has all sorts of rides suitable for different age groups making it very popular among families. There are also plenty of water rides to keep kids entertained.
  3. Innovative Film City – An ideal place for kids who love movies and want to learn more about them! With a 3D theatre, 4D theatre, a dinosaur park, among other attractions – this is the perfect day-out spot for young movie buffs.
  4. Indian Institute of Science – This science centre offers an interactive learning experience for children where they can explore the wonders of physics and chemistry through various experiments and activities.
  5. Bannerghatta National Park – Time to show your little ones some wildlife! The park has plenty of endangered species like lions, tigers, elephants etc., which kids will love watching in their natural habitats.
  6. Bengaluru Aquarium – Home to over 80 species of fish, the aquarium is a great place to take kids for a fun day-out and teach them about marine life in an interactive way.
  7. Cubbon Park – Take your kids here for a leisurely walk or some exciting rides on the toy train! This sprawling park also has plenty of attractions like statues, fountains and beautiful gardens that will keep children occupied throughout the day.
  8. Lal Bagh Botanical Garden – With its stunning flower beds and lush greenery, this botanical garden is sure to captivate children’s imaginations and get them excited about nature’s beauty!
  9. Nandi Hills – Take your kids on a fun adventure to one of the most popular tourist spots near Bangalore! The hills offer an amazing view of the city and are filled with plenty of attractions that will keep children engaged throughout.
  10. Butterfly Park – This park is home to around 70 species of butterflies making it a perfect place for young ones who love nature. Kids can also learn about different types of butterflies, their life cycles and other interesting facts here.
  11. Mindblowing Magic Planet – A great place for kids who are fascinated by science and magic! This interactive centre has exhibits like ‘The Hall Of Illusions’, ‘Mindblowing puzzles’ and ‘Card tricks’ – making it a perfect spot for an educational day-out.
  12. Fun World – Last but not the least, Fun World is one of the best amusement parks near Bangalore! With its engaging rides and activities, this place is sure to make kids’ day out an enjoyable one!

So, if you’re looking for some fun places to take your kids in Bangalore, these 12 spots are definitely worth checking out. Plan a memorable day-out with them and let them explore the many wonders that Bangalore has to offer!

Happy exploring! PSR Enthrals wishes all families in Bangalore safe and exciting outdoor adventures. Enjoy the special bond created on these trips with your loved ones! Let us know if you have any suggestions for other places in Bangalore that we could add to the list. We’d love to hear from you!

Here’s wishing everyone a happy and fun-filled kids day out near Bangalore! PSR Enthrals!