Some Beautiful Spots For Camping In Close Vicinity Of Bangalore

Some Beautiful Spots For Camping In Close Vicinity Of Bangalore

It is hectic as you work with a Bangalore leading IT service provider and there is surely work pressure. This is precisely the reason why you would be eager to do something different on the weekends. It is the moment when you desire to escape from Bangalore city and perhaps explore opportunities for hiking and caving. You are fortunate that there are plenty of spots within 100 km of Bangalore city, where you can spend the weekend. The short trip should be perfect to rejuvenate energies for the week ahead. Here are some spots, which you can focus upon.

You could go out camping in Kanakapura:

camping in KanakapuraThe Kanakapura area is the best location, which offers camping for family and this is a small town located south of Bangalore. This town is located on the banks of the Arkavathi River and it is known for its lush green field. It has got stretches of woodlands and rock formations. You can engage in some rock climbing at this spot.

Manchinbele Dam:

camping in Manchinbele DamThis is a dam created for irrigation purposes around Magadi town and the surroundings are calm, idyllic. It is a perfect spot for camping and one can visit to spend time in the lap of nature. There is also scope for adventure activities such as kayaking, rafting, and shooting.

Trekking at Makalidurga:

Trekking at MakalidurgaThis is a place, which lies in close vicinity of Doddaballapur town. The highlight of this spot is the uneven terrain and that is perfect for trekking. This place has a hill & fort and these are some of the popular camping spots.


camping in SavandurgaThis is a location in the west of Bangalore and it is one of the more popular camping spots. The highlight of this spot is the presence of the largest monolithic hill in all of Asia. The hill is 1226 meters in height and it is a part of the Deccan Plateau. The Arkavathi River also flows close by and this is another key attraction of this place.


camping in RamanagaraThis is a must location to visit if you love to watch Bollywood films. This is the land of Gabbar Singh because the all-time Bollywood blockbuster Sholay was shot right here. You can visit the locations where the film was shot and at this moment, this town is famous for its sericulture. This place has got exciting trekking paths and beautiful fields.

Devarayanadurga hills

camping in Devarayanadurga hillsThis is a place, which you will come across in fairy tales. It is located in the rocky hills of Karnataka and the key attractions here are the Yoga and Bhoga Narasimha temples. Thousands of devotees from all over India come to see the temples. This place, in general, lies in the lap of nature and it should be ideal if you are searching for a spot, which is devoid of the normal hustle, bustle of the city.

These are some of the spots close to Bangalore city that are ideal locations for a students camp or in general family camping. These locations offer the perfect escape from hectic city life. A trip to any of these spots will help you to rejuvenate and face the challenges for the week ahead.