Plan a Trip for Escaping the City Hustle to Weekend Camping Tours in Bangalore

Plan a Trip for Escaping the City Hustle to Weekend Camping Tours in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore is famous for the job opportunities it serves. This place is a fantastic place for techies. And in addition to it, Bangalore also homes a number of splendid destinations for weekend getaways. Amid heavy duty hours, Bangalore residents always sneak a peek at small tours. Hence, in Bangalore, you can quench your wanderlust as you wish.

Explore Places within Budget

  1. Rameshwaram Camp

  • Pocket Pinch: Rupees 2500 approximately for 1 Day and 1 Night
  • Rameshwaram camp is located near Pamban Beach in the Gulf of Mannar. Pamban is a small island and a famous pilgrim center.
  • Accommodations available in Rameshwaram bear breathtaking beach views. They are well air-conditioned and have an on-site kitchenette.
  • During winter, you can enjoy migratory bird watching and scuba diving. This place also has commercial deep sea fishing. The lobster, sea cucumber, and conch collections are pretty famous here. The third corridor of Ramanathaswamy is popular for being the longest corridor in the world.
  1. Kanakpura Nature Camp

  • Pocket Pinch: rupees 1200 for 10 hours.
  • Generally, the tour organizers arrange for this trip on request.
  • This place is quite close to the city at about 50 km distance. This Nature Adventure Camp is ideal for those who love being outdoors. It is a perfect place as a backyard camping destination.
  • Kanakpura Nature Adventure camp is located beside Hosadoddi Lake and amidst the forests of Bananthimari. Hence, the visitors can enjoy water-based activities along with forest trekking. A day outing at Kanakpura nature camp includes other activities too. These activities are paddle rafting in the lake, trekking up the hills, kayaking, etc.
  • You can also enjoy starlit skies beside the campfire.
  1. SRS Hills Camp

  • Pocket Pinch: rupees 1600 for 10 hours.
  • Any tour organizers arrange for Camping on SRS hills on request.
  • The SRS hills camp is located at a distance of about 60 kilometers from Bangalore. It is near the SRS beta in Ramanagaram District.
  • The location of the campsite of this place lets you experience and rejuvenate nature at its best. This location is beautiful; it would give you several picturesque views of mountains, forests, and rivers.
  1. Shivagange Campsite

  • Pocket Pinch: rupees 1600 for 1 night.
  • The tour organizers will arrange a trip to this place along with camping provisions on your request.
  • This site is located at a distance of 60 kilometers from Bangalore. It is well connected with roadways, making it highly convenient for a weekend getaway.


Here are several organizations that conduct short trips. These organizations arrange solo trips and corporate team trips as well. They design the tour program with different outdoor survival activities. Camping tent stay near Bangalore is the most demanded tour plan nowadays. You can encourage and relish your spirit of adventure with these beautiful weekend escapes.