Outdoor Survival Kanakapura | Nature Adventure Camp Kanakapura: The Best Weekend Escape

Outdoor Survival Kanakapura | Nature Adventure Camp Kanakapura: The Best Weekend Escape

The Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura packs an adventure-filled experience promising memorable experiences with your family and friends. Located about 60 kilometres from the bustling city of Bangalore, it is the best spot for an adventurous and thrilling weekend retreat. Nature Adventure Camp is a tourist favourite as it offers fun-filled activities amid the wild nature.

A top preference for nature and adventure lovers, the location of the Nature Adventure Camp surrounds itself with the picturesque Hosadoddi Lake and the green Bananthimari Forest region. A prime feature of the Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura is that the campsite comes with well-designed itineraries and offers hundreds of different activities to the tourists helping them indulge in the madness of adventure. It also has training facilities that teach the tourists the ultimate survival strategies.

The ideal spot for Outdoor Survival Kanakapura, the Nature Adventure Camp with the training facilities help the tourists challenge themselves amid teaching useful survival skills. Nevertheless, the site’s top attraction lies in the fact that they will bring you all the customised requirements and offer efficient services making your weekend getaway trip memorable.

What are the top attractive activities of the Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura?

When in the Nature Adventure Camp, you can opt for the personalised packages which facilitate your personalised needs, from food to other essentials. There are various rustic outdoor campsites available where you can enjoy the earthy wildness of nature under the starry night sky, and it is what makes this campsite a must-visit spot. It also brings some adventurous and fun-filled activities carefully curated for the tourists to experience the most out of the trip.

The top activities include:

  • Stunning water activities.

The water activities in the Nature Adventure camp include zip-lining, splash landing, coracle rides, kayaking and swimming. You can enjoy a soulful experience with your friends and family and indulge in competitive water sports. As the Hosadoddi Lake is just along the edge of the camp’s location, it helps conduct these water activities.

  • Enthralling mud activities.

The mud activities like mud volleyball, mud kabaddi, and an obstacle course run in the mud challenge your stamina and are also filled with fun. You can challenge your friends to beat you in these competitive activities as you feel the cosy earthiness of the mud while enjoying your fullest.

  • Thrilling climbing, trekking and cave exploration activities.

As the Bananthimari Forest region surrounds the campsite, it offers a wide option for climbing and trekking locations. You can enjoy the wild greens of the forest, explore caves, go for a hike to the Devara Gudda hilltop area, and enjoy the natural springs. The Nature Adventure Camp also offers rock-climbing, jumaring, rappelling, and spider web climbing.

When is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit the Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura is from July to March. You can experience the best of the nature camp and enjoy the captivating view of nature and the skies while indulging in the fun activities.

Thus, the Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura is a must-visit for its scenic beauty and the activities offered to make it the best spot for a weekend getaway.