Most Alluring Trekking Destinations in Bangalore that you shouldn’t miss!

Most Alluring Trekking Destinations in Bangalore that you shouldn’t miss!

Whether a job seeker or a traveller, Bangalore is always regarded as the most desirable trekking destination. The city is surrounded by the radar of trekking enthusiasts for making the marvellous trekking trials. There are around 7 top places in and around Bangalore that need to be explored by any travel enthusiast- be it a beginner or an experienced one. The Treks & Trips Events- Bangalore/Karnataka are explorable if you are eager to know what’s hidden in and around the city.

List of trekking Destinations in Bangalore

1: Nandi Hills

Located at 1200 steps up, this destination is an awe-inspiring one with a fantastic sunset view that made even Tipu Sultan spot it as his summertime destination. You are required to trek to 12000 steps up to witness the famous rock outcrop tourist destination with a stunning view of the Amrita Sarovar that must be explored.

2: Makalidurga

A giant hillock is what everyone calls it. Located around 75 kilometres away from Bangalore, it is considered the most challenging trekking proposition around Bangalore, with wild shrubs, vegetarians, granite hillocks and many more. The serene view of the Makalidurga is offered with an outstanding experience to adventures of the curvy roads. If you are interested in photography, then it is quite a destination that needs to be explored.

3: Anthargange

Are you fascinated by cave explorations? If yes, then this is your perfect trek. It is a mysterious cave. Along with the stunning vistas, volcanic rocks and caves, the trail goes inside the cave for overnight camping. At a distance of 80 kilometres, the trekkers can start their adventurous trip with a thrilling road trip along with it.

4: Madhugiri

It is one of the most offbeat spots for trekking around Bangalore which is considered the second-largest monolithic rock after the Savanagiri. It is a half long trek that offers the most challenging stretches on the way. Once you have reached the peak, the architectural beauty of the temple and the surroundings will make it most impressive as a trip.

5: Savandurga Hill

The destination is notable for the most popular trails as Billigudda and Karigudda have a picturesque beauty that offers to moderate the trekking experience to the enthusiastic trekkers along with awe-inspiring visuals. Exploring the historical fort of the Kempegowda on the way will add to your experience for the most fantastic trip. You can choose the night trek option as well for a different experience.

6: Channarayana Durga

You’ll experience an outstanding and unusual trekking view once you take the Channarayana Durga trek. It is a combination of the rustic hills and the thrilling trek stretches. The age-old Maratha fort is located at the peak, and its monuments are of great historical relevance. You must be careful about your trekking routes and signboards mentioned for an effortless ride.

7: Ramanagara

Located at a distance of 50 kms from Bangalore, Ramanagara is one of the most desired and visited destinations of all time. It is basically inside the city of Bangalore. The places offer moderate and difficult trekking levels with various highlights, including the Kanva, Pitch climbing, and Janapada Loka reservoir. Be it a beginner or an expert; this trip will add to your memory the most beautiful treks that you have yet explored in life.

The Weekend Trips – Bangalore be it a two-wheeler ride or a long trip, these places are going to add to your memory and make your weekends spiced up. Explore these and write back to us about your experiences.