How Incorporating Survival Skills in Upbringing Kids make them Ready in Life?

How Incorporating Survival Skills in Upbringing Kids make them Ready in Life?

Every parent tries to imbibe several values in their children while raising them. But, other than the values of right and wrong, specific survival skills are also necessary. Survival skills are tactics that an individual can apply to remain alive in an extreme situation. These situations can be natural or artificial. The features of the outdoor skills are that they offer specific fundamental requirements. These bare essentials help maintain human existence, such as food, water, shelter, etc. Outdoor Survival Karnataka is practiced as a program in most schools.

Importance of Learning Survival Skills

Most people might think that indulging in survival skills is pointless. We do not have the requirement of hunting to gather our food or save ourselves from predators for being alive. Yet, survival skills are some practical knowledge that can come to help in real life as well. It is crucial to equip our children with life-saving expertise for any emergency. Whether in an adventurous tour or an uncertain situation in daily life, the requirement for survival skills is everywhere.

It is the responsibility of the parents and schools to encourage their children for skills like this. This helps them to be ready for any odd situation they face. The survival skills enhance the sense of awareness and responsibility. Appropriate training in survival skills prepares kids of any age to deal with a real-life emergency.

Teaching Survival Skills to Children

The younger kids possess a limited knowledge base. Therefore the teachers face some concerns while providing this training. Some of the techniques which are involve survival skills require a good amount of strength. A kid might not always have this level of power. Therefore it is essential to ensure the suitability of these training at the right age. The crucial techniques of the survival skills are as follows.

  • Technique with Bushcraft: Bushcraft skills are always better learned practically. The camping tours or hiking excursions are the best opportunity to teach this technique.
  • Situation awareness: Situation awareness is an essential skill every child should possess. It is not necessary to be in a natural environment or wilderness. This technique is vital for any situation.
  • Self-Defence: Confidence is the most crucial instinct in learning survival skills. Confidence helps the children to prepare themselves for self-defense in any adverse situation.
  • First-Aid: This is another vital skill that the guardians should incorporate in children. The children need to know how to deal with a medical emergency. Being familiar with the first-aid box is required in everyday life as well. The children should be taught to be confident in handling band-aids, safety pins, and essential drugs.


Learning survival skills might not be equally easy for everybody. But as mentors, every school or parent should try teaching them survival skills. Children can achieve a lot from the simple techniques of overcoming a challenging situation. The children are most adaptable and flexible to learn and experience new things. Therefore skills for Outdoor Survival Karnataka schools are adopted to make their students self-sufficient.