How do Resorts Welcome their Guests with Luxury and Gaiety?

How do Resorts Welcome their Guests with Luxury and Gaiety?

A resort is a form of commercial establishment. It is sometimes referred to as a hotel with a wide range of amenities. Resorts imbibe a luxurious arrangement in comparison to a hotel. Resorts offer you all sorts of travel requirements within the same compound. You can avail food, lodging, different forms of entertainment and shopping options together. The resort hotels are generally located near tourist attractions like beaches, historic areas etc.

What Makes a Resort Luxurious?

There are no set factors that define luxurious resorts. Yet as a traveler, specific elements would come to your mind regarding a luxurious resort. A good design for lodging rooms and proper customer service is the basic requirement. But when it comes to 4-5 star resorts, the guests expect a few more things.

  • The location of the resort is very important. The resorts offer an escape from the busy city life. Yet it provides its visitors with good connectivity to major commercial places of the locality. Resort in Bangalore, Delhi and several other places are located in proximity to the airports.
  • Another luxury of a resort is its customized services for guests round the clock. Many people who prefer resorts expect to be attended for their midnight cravings or early morning breakfasts. These efficient and prompt services provided by the resorts contribute to making a classy experience.
  • The get-up of the rooms also defines the star ratings of a resort. The rooms are lavish interior decorations. Therefore the rooms are kept clean and highly maintained. The furnishings of the rooms are spacious and meant to make the guests comfortable. The washrooms of the guest rooms are equipped with a separate shower area. They are also designed with contemporary sanitary fittings.
  • A resort is equipped with all forms of facilities. Dining restaurants are one of the most important added features in a resort. The renowned Resorts in Coorg and other places possess fine dining restaurants. These restaurants prepare delicious and exotic cuisines. They also provide efficient services and a pleasant atmosphere.
  • The availability of alcohol is another factor that contributes to the star ratings of the resort. The bars available are the perfect destination for a person expert in drinks and spirits. This area is decorated with warm and welcoming interiors. It makes the perfect setup for spending quality time with friends and family.
  • The renowned and high rated resorts also provide facilities of the spa. The spas are run by several trained therapists. They ensure the utmost relaxation of the guests with a rejuvenating experience. The spas in resorts are equipped with all advanced technology and advantages.


Resorts are set up in a huge space. It in itself tends to be a tourist destination. The experiences made in resorts might vary. This is because many resorts are planned with a theme, for example, ski resorts.