Exploring Coorg through the lens of the Outdoor Survival nature exploration

Exploring Coorg through the lens of the Outdoor Survival nature exploration

The destination Coorg is a dynamic beauty on the earth. A place close to the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore has the loveliest views and the mindblowing scenario to explore the dynamics in all possible ways. So while exploring the Outdoor Survival Coorg, it’s not only the Coorg you are going to explore but the outstanding primitive skills to build in you the desire to know nature nearby.

Interesting survival skills are strategies that a person can use to stay alive in any setting, whether natural or constructed. Have you ever pondered how our forefathers and mothers lived in the past? What were their methods for meeting their fundamental needs of food, fire, water, and shelter? We have become slaves to modern conveniences due to technological progress, but our nature desires this experience. We transport you back to the place where you will have a life-changing experience. These essential survival skills are unconsciously programmed to follow your primitive inclinations. After these 48 hours in the outdoors, you will gain clarity about life, your vision, and your aspirations, which will turn you into a better and more confident person.

Our mission has always been to remind people of humanity’s inherent connection to the soil, teach the interconnectedness of all living things, and imply that great things can only be accomplished if we recognize that this interdependence also extends to our families and communities. The mission is a direct expression of such principles, and our goal is to include nature education in every aspect of the camp.

Key takeaways after the completion of the camp:

  • Self-improvement and significant payoffs from this experience
  • Re-establish contact with oneself.
  • Relax and cleanse your mind.
  • Increased intuition and mindfulness.
  • Skills and confidence to survive in the face of adversity.
  • Develop a great sense of observation and the ability to think beyond the box.
  • Improved sleep and immune system fortification.
  • Clarity of mind and a life vision
  • The ability to live in a primitive manner.
  • Connect with nature’s creations to gain insight into your inner self.
  • Boost your creativity and admiration for nature’s wonders.

With PSR Enthrals, the first-ever tie-up with interest Outdoor Survival Coorg and other places where you being an enthusiastic traveler can explore nature differently. We guarantee that this is hard to find anywhere else. The traveling experience is phenomenal and offbeat from the regular treks and hikes that you venture. Wanna try this Outdoor Survival camp, get in touch with PSR Enthrals today!