Explore the Adventurous Camping at Kanakapura

Explore the Adventurous Camping at Kanakapura

Camping is one of the most fascinating adventures; a best outing for the ideal location to maintain a peaceful time form your monotonous life. A very quiet place, somewhere around in Bangalore of nearby like Kanakapura camping makes it an ideal location from the hustles of daily life. Rivet in the 15 acres of the greenery among the beauty of the trees with the lulled pristine meadows of the exotic vibrant flowers will surely make you feel like out of the world.

Kanakapura trekking is not only about exploring the place but one of the loveliest areas for the travel freaks. The camp is set majorly in the Banantimari State Forest area and is much surrounded by the greenery all around. The location is simply picture perfect bordered by the lakes, mountains and even the exotic cold windy climate makes it suitable for you to travel in any point of time and season.  The trekking in the Banantimari hill range is of a much greater experience to cherish throughout your life.

Kanakapura campsite is located almost at a distance of 50 kilometres; there is a home of the beautiful lake named Hosadoddi where you can enjoy your heart out. The camping destinations are a much great site for the historical explanation and exploration of the most prolific wildlife in Kanakapura.  The gorgeous series of parallel ranges are much great for the trekkers to view the charismatic natural beauty.

The campus Kanakapura road is much of a delight little rugged like the hilly area.  The perfect combination of the rugged and sloppy terrain with lushes of green view all over can be experienced here.  It is best to place for your combined holiday with adventure. All you require to do is to pack the bag and gather a group of friend to enjoy the lovely night camping experience.

Kanakapura adventure camp is ideal for organizing the corporate training course, fun activities, family gatherings, and quick outdoor travelling as well. Most of the people visiting this place prefer doing hiking. The best experience you can witness in the Kanakapura trek is the nature at its best possible form. You can even witness the paddle rat or a canoe. In the Kanakapura nature camp, there are even ice walk, acid walk, tent pitching, bonfire, zip-lining and even coracle riding which makes the trip more fun and enjoyable.

If you are thinking about the ideal time to visit for Kanakapura night camping then you need to visit around the post-monsoon months.  However, by simply depending on the schedule you can visit the trip. The picturesque beauty of enjoying the Kanakapura fishing camp is somehow experienced at this point.

Kanakapura adventure camping & trekking is something that you should not miss if you are n Bangalore, or in the nearby area.  This camp is a much better combination of relaxation and adventure at the same time. Kanakapura nature camp Bangalore does require some must thing in your bag it includes;

  • A pair of trekking shoes
  • Skin-friendly shoes
  • Overnight cosy dresses and warm clothing
  • Water bottles and sunscreens’ flashlight
  • Batteries to be charged
  • Personal toiletries and medicine kit

The best adventure in the Kanakapura nature camp Bangalore will be enjoyed at the best possible way if you are equipped at your best. It is important to have handy first aid box for a quick relief as well. If you are planning for a quick trip visit the nearest place and make effective uses of your weekend and trip on the way. For better hassle-free experience get in touch with the trip planners for planning out the trip for you.

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