Explore a Fun Overnight Team Outing in Bangalore

Explore a Fun Overnight Team Outing in Bangalore

There is a flock of travelers who seek comfort, luxury, and exotic locations. And, on the other hand, there are some travelers who want to take risks, who are desirous to set their soul free by stepping out of their comfort zone and delving into something which is adventure-packed yet fun. PSR Enthrals is here to persuade you into the latter with a wide repertoire of adventure-filled activities. Whether it’s a solo-trip or an overnight team outing in Bangalore, PSR Enthrals can make your heart race and get you goosebumps with its incredible offerings. Are you game for such an ethereal travel experience? Do you want to explore adventure like never before? Below are a list of adventure activities, which you may choose to, set your heart thumping and your blood pumping, like never ever before. Start reading –

Kiss the Sky:-

Ever desired to grow wings and soar to the unending sky? Ever wanted to play with the cottony clouds? If yes, then an adventure activity like Parasailing can get you sorted. Once you will reach the highest echelon of the sky, an inexplicable sense of bewilderment and ecstasy will wrap your soul. You will discover the surreal beauty of the wide-open sky, which you have always wanted to touch, but you never did. When it comes to spending the best team day near Bangalore, nothing comes close to parasailing joy ride arranged by PSR Enthrals.

Try Paramotor –

Do you want to take your adventure-lust to another level? Maybe, you should opt for Paramotor in Bangalore. This adventure option must top your chart if you are looking to have a bird-eye view of the city of Bangalore. The paramotoring units offered by PSR Enthrals is comprised of an engine that will produce ample thrust to fly and remain in the sky even when there is no valley to launch a flight or uplift winds. This adventure activity is said to be best suitable for those who are experienced fliers. For beginners, tandem flights could be the most ideal bet.

Trekking is Also There –

The world-famous Sri Revanna Siddeshwara (SRS) Betta is just about 65 kilometers away from Bangalore. This place has gained oodles of interests and appreciations from the trekkers and rock climbers. Do you love climbing a rock? Or maybe, you want to unleash your inner wanderlust by trekking? The sacred cave temple has unfurled its territory on monolithic stone-hill which is encompassed by some of the best scenic hills in South India. If you want to explore the lofty hills midst the darkest hours, the SRS Hills Rramnagara will be a perfect destination. If you are looking for a night outing in and around Bangalore up on the peak of a hill with your fellow climbers in tow, then you must opt for rock climbing in Bangalore.

A Few Other Options –

If you don’t want to opt for these aforementioned options, PSR Enthrals has several other options for you as well. Some of them are micro flight riding, paintball, day-outing at a beautiful resort in Bangalore, et al. All these options are quite affordable as well.

So, what are you still waiting for? Delve in a fun-filled overnight team outing in Bangalore with PSR Enthrals, albeit, without digging a hole in your pocket.

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