Discover The Most Adventurous Trip with Adventure Touring Hotshot Sumesh Reddiar

Discover The Most Adventurous Trip with Adventure Touring Hotshot Sumesh Reddiar

Sumesh ReddiarFrom big wows to exploring the hidden gems, now traveling to an unknown place is more alluring, you know why? Sumesh Reddiar- and Adventure Enthusiast, a Ride Organizer, an Avid Trekker, and most importantly, a Nature Lover; is going to join you to make your trip most amazing.

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It is like getting an opportunity to explore your dream trip with this expert travel specialist. If you are following Sumesh Reddiar, you must know how amazing he is in exploring the places. We are highly fortunate to have him with us associated with our upcoming trip. So if you are looking for a trip with Sumesh, this is the ideal time to book and explore!

Sumesh Reddiar– An Adventure Touring Expert

Like all travel bloggers, Sumesh Reddiar an Adventure Touring Whizzstarted to follow his deeply rooted passion for discovering the World and its wonderful cultural diversity. From the love of athletic to unfolding the hidden discoveries of the Himalayas has encouraged him to see the beauty through naked eyes. He is the Founder of Adventure Unlimited- a small team that organizes adventure trips across the subcontinent, especially the Himalayas. He has organized lots of Himalayan Treks in Uttarakhand and Himachal region since 2012 and the Captain of many Himalayan groups rides on most of the highest passes in this sub-continent since 2012.

His Achievements include representing the School team in various athletes, being a Management graduate from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management, and Represented the IIPM College team in Basket Ball. He was a part of Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) certified Mountaineer and Even Paintball Association of India(PAI) certified Paintballer.

Sumesh Reddiar has some outstanding Achievements in terms of Rally and Motorsports includes;

  • Indian National Rally Championship 2018 placed 3rd overall in Bullet Category -Total 6 rounds in 6 different cities.
  • Sjoba Rally 2018 placed 2nd in the Enfield category
  • India Baja 2018 – Cross Country Rally on Thar Desert Sand dunes
  • Maruti Suzuki Dakshin Dare 2018 – 3rd runner up competing with group A – Foreign bikes category.

Sumesh Reddiar was a part of the Raid de Himalaya – the World’s toughest Rally at high altitude. He got the position of 3rd in Enfield Category and Sprint Rally 2018, Bangalore placed 3rd in the category.

If you are a follower of Sumesh Reddiar and admire him- now it’s your time to explore a trip with him. Do not let it go!

Our upcoming authentic adventure travel experiences will be explored with Sumesh Reddiar to see the country, especially the Himalayas, from a different traveler’s perspective. It is a handpicked travel organized for those enthusiasts who have the heart of the traveler. With Sumesh Reddiar being your guide, the trip will be hassle-free. Bring in the richness and spontaneity of your upcoming tour. How about this trip to be a lifetime experience? Well, with Sumesh Reddiar, it is going to be one! Come and explore.