A Guide On Family Friendly Holiday Spots In Close Vicinity Of Bangalore

A Guide On Family Friendly Holiday Spots In Close Vicinity Of Bangalore

On weekends, there will be a desire to unwind and that is the moment you would be eager to escape from the crowded Bangalore metropolitan life.  You have had enough of the work pressure and this is the time, you would want to leave aside everything and enjoy with the family.  Are you on the lookout for a family-friendly resort within the close vicinity of Bangalore city?  There are plenty of them and you can always plan a short trip with the family. Here are some spots that you can visit with your family and enjoy luxury accommodation.

Nature adventure camp Kanakapura 

This is a good location to visit if you are an adventure freak. It is set in the Banantimari State Forest area and it is surrounded by greenery. Located at a distance of 50 km from Bangalore, it is bordered by a lake and a mountain. It is a great spot for people who are eager to enjoy a trekking experience. You can visit any time of the year, but to experience beauty at its very best, one can plan a trip during the post-monsoon months.

An outing in Ramanagara

Are you a Hindi movie buff?  If so, this is a trip, which you would not want to miss out on. This is the precise spot, where the iconic Bollywood movie Sholay was shot. This spot in general is a natural retreat and is bordered by rocky mountains. The location is 50 km away from Bangalore and you can always plan a short weekend trip.  This is also the spot for adventure activities and you can try out rope courses & even some bit of trekking. For accommodation, there is nothing to worry about as this spot is home to some of the premium luxury resorts.

SRS Hill Camp

You can also plan a trip to the SRS Hill Camp with your family.  It is a nature & adventure camp and also pet friendly. This should allow you to bring your four-legged friend to this place. There is scope to do a lot ranging from trekking with cave exploration to kayaking. There is the scope to have a swim & play badminton and volleyball. You will feel refreshed after spending some time here. The place is located 60 Km from Bangalore.

A bliss home stay in Coorg

This should be a perfect retreat away from the maddening crowd.  This is a place, where you can unwind & relax amid forests, mountains & paddy fields. It should be an interesting stay in a tree house and you can expect hospitality at its very best.

These are some nice spots from Bangalore on a weekend and you will find plenty of family & kids-friendly resort facilities for accommodation. You can forget worldly concerns and enjoy with your family amid nature.