4 Best Adventure Activities To Experience In A Weekend Getaway In Bangalore

4 Best Adventure Activities To Experience In A Weekend Getaway In Bangalore

Bangalore offers an extensive list of adventure activities, each equally dynamic and a memorable experience. Taking on adventurous outings is the best way to rejuvenate from the busy work schedule. The city and its nearby places offer an array of options perfect for a weekend getaway. Hence, you will never run out of options when planning your weekend getaway in Bangalore.

Even if you are an avid adventurer or a nature lover, exploring Bangalore and its getaway locations will leave you utterly satisfied. You will get the best of nature and every kind of adventure right in the city and its neighbouring towns. Adventure activities like trekking, camping, wildlife safari, rafting, kayaking etc., are all available for you to pick in attractive weekend getaway packages.

Whether rafting in the maddening rapids of Barapole River in Coorg, enjoying paintball Kanakapura Road Campsite, or engaging in a challenging trek to the mountains of Kudremukh, will give you the ultimate experience of thrill and joy. Professional travel enthusiasts like PSR Enthrals offer adventurous weekend outings, helping you get out of your comfort zone and boost your adventurous spirit.

Let us now discover the best adventurous activities for a weekend outing in Bangalore.

Top 4 Must-Experience Adventurous Activities in Bangalore

  • Exciting River Rafting at Dandeli

River rafting at Dandeli is one of the most exciting adventures, offering India’s best river rafting site. It is a popular adventure sports destination for white river rafting in Kali river in Dandeli. With excerpt supervision, you can enjoy the thrills of river rafting in Dandeli, which also offers other activities like kayaking, bird watching and boating. Dandeli is adorned by wild greens and pristine water making it a must-visit site for adventure seekers.

  • Wild Trekking at Ramanagara

Ramanagara is one of the top-rated trekking destinations in India. Located about 50kms away from Bangalore offers the perfect opportunity to experience the thrill of trekking. The trek at Ramanagara brings the most fantastic view as you trek long trails and enjoy the scenic view the location offers. Apart from trekking, there are a host of other activities like rappelling, rock climbing, rope transverse, mountain biking etc., offering a wild adventure.

  • Thrilling Parasailing at Jakkur

Parasailing at Jakkur is a breathtaking experience. The instructors provide detailed instructions before the tourists take their flight. These professional instructors supervise efficiently, provide all the necessary equipment and clear every possible doubt before starting the activity. While parasailing at Jakkur, you experience the thrill and a picturesque view.

  • Adventure camping at Nandi Hills

Nandi hills offer the most scenic locations and tranquil greenery. The misty hills and lush greenery of Nandi hills bring the most stunning campsite location. The campsite is at the foothills and comes well-facilitated with fun-filled games, cosy resting arrangements and good food. You can enjoy bonfires with your friends or family and indulge in a quick BBQ amidst the starry skies and wild nature.

Thus, these are some of the best must-experience adventure activities for a quick weekend outing in Bangalore. You can get the most out of these adventures with the guide of professional travel enthusiasts, PSR Enthrals, who offer an outstanding personalised and memorable travel experience.