Top 4 Most Spectacular Resorts in Kanakapura Road

Top 4 Most Spectacular Resorts in Kanakapura Road

There are countless spectacular resorts in Kanakapura Road that offer the best of services and the most spectacular staycations. Opting for these resorts while on a weekend getaway will bring you the most memorable trip helping you break the monotony of life.

You can relax and enjoy the luxuries of these resorts as they will treat you to world-class amenities. These Kanakapura resorts offer fun-filled getaways that bring warm hospitality and attentive staff services, making your gateway highly personalised and relaxing. Whether you are eyeing a soul-soothing retreat or an adventurous staycation, the Kanakapura resorts have it all.

Some top travel enthusiasts like PSR Enthrals offer highly curated and personalised trips to the Nature Adventure camp in Kanakapura. They bring an adventurous camping trip well-facilitated with other activities like trekking, kayaking, cave exploration, etc. You can easily opt for a mini weekend getaway to the Kanakapura campsite and enjoy the resort’s luxuries.

Let us explore the top resorts on Kanakapura Road.

4 Top Resorts in Kanakapura Road

  • Guhantara resort

Guhantara resort offers the best of upscale resorts with luxurious facilities. The resort is a wonder, located 10 metres below the ground, with a water park, and each resort room provides you with a private balcony and all the necessary essentials. The stay is very comfortable, with scenic views and packed with activities.

  • Elim resort

Elim resort offers you the serenity of nature and a place to engage in an action-packed vacation. The resort brings nature’s beauty in every dimension as all 50 appointed rooms are adorned with fresh, natural sunlight. Elim resort provides luxurious amenities making it one of the best resorts near Bangalore.

  • Discovery Village

It is one of the most popular Kanakapura resorts, bringing you the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Discovery village provides all the essential amenities for an ideal weekend retreat with your family and friends. It offers you the best location for relaxation, and you can indulge in various adventurous activities while enjoying the services of free Wi-fi.

  • Urban Valley resort

The Urban Valley resort is the epitome of A-class amenities. There you will find the most-modern services perfectly blended with comfort. It is the perfect place to retreat for a weekend as it offers lush nature and the ultimate peaceful ambience. Their services are outstanding, provided with good food, and the resort is ideally child-friendly.

Thus, these are some of the top resorts on Kanakapura road. You opt for the services of travel enthusiasts like PSR Enthrals for a quick weekend trip to the popular Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura and enjoy a staycation at these Kanakapura resorts.