Fascinating Reasons to go for Night Camping near Bangalore

Fascinating Reasons to go for Night Camping near Bangalore

Bangalore is a hub from where you can drive into the nearby finest destinations.  An ideal break in the weekend to some nearby destination will re-energize you and leave you completely rejuvenated.  Bringing up this opportunity will make your days better. Night camping near Bangalore is a good option for travel enthusiasts.  A nice trip solo, in a group, or with your close people will drive you crazy.

List of few places to go for a Night camping near Bangalore within 100 kilometers

1: Makalidurga

Makalidurga Located at a distance of 51 kilometers from Bangalore, this uneven terrain is a perfect spot for trekking and Camping under the night full of stars. A quiet destination full of green and lovely nature is a must-visit place among all.

  1. Savandurga

SavandurgaA wonderful place, basically an ideal trekking spot located 55 kilometers away from Bangalore, is a must-visit for all. The hill rises to 1226 meters and is a part of the Deccan Plateau. Closely the Arkavathi river is flowing in. An overnight trek to this summit of mountains will make your trip memorable.

  1. Kanakpura

KanakpuraThe Ganges from the depth is the meaning of Antharganage is located at a distance of 67 kilometers. It is easy to trek and camp. You can even try out hiking and cave exploration here.  Exploring the beauty of the deep and quiet caves is a different experience altogether.  You will require a guided tour to take you through this trail as getting lots is common inside the caves. It will lead you to witness a beautiful morning on the other side of it.

4: Devarayanadurga hills

Devarayanadurga hillsSituated at 72 kilometers from the city of Bangalore, this destination is Devarayanadurga- a town located on the rocky hills of Karnataka. If you are searching Camping near me– this destination will appear in the top 5.  Trekking to the top will make you feel like you are lapsing into nature’s creation like a fairy tale. The main attractions are Bhoga Narasimha Temple and Yoga.

5: Manchanabele

ManchanabelePositioned to a place 40 kilometers from Karnataka, this destination is an ideal camping site for solo travelers and group people.  With the tranquillity that is filled in the air, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of Manchanabele Lake. You can explore adventures, including raft building, kayaking, paintball, canoeing, and even rope courses.

To sum up, you need to get in touch with ideal tour planners to explore everything you wish to see. The Tent Camping near me can only be possible if you know where to choose and how to go! Make sure that your plan is done in the right weather to avoid any mishaps.