Top 5 Places for Night Camping near Bangalore in 2022

Top 5 Places for Night Camping near Bangalore in 2022

The city of Bangalore is a bustling point that connects some of the best night camping sites. If you are a lover of nature, adventure, and enjoy the wild, night camping is the best option to leave you with an ecstatic experience. The camping sites will give you the chance to explore the thrilling journey of the unexpected with your family or friends. To get the ideal essence of camping, search Tent camping near me on the internet, which will expose you to the tent camping facilities of your choice of destination.

Now let’s venture through the most unique and best night camping sites near Bangalore.

The top 5 Night Camping sites near Bangalore:

Ramanagara, located 50km away from the city, is set amid lush rolling green hills characterized by chilling breezy winds. It is a perfect spot for a family outing in Bangalore as Ramanagara offers the adventures of trekking, kayaking, camping, and other outdoor games like volleyball, archery, etc. The campsites are heavily secured and have good food facilities too. Ramanagara is an eye-boggling experience accentuated with spectacular views and offers a relaxing forest camping adventure.

  • Nandi hills.

The mountainous, rugged region of Nandi hills has beautiful greens, misty hills, and exotic flora. You can explore rock climbing, trekking, paragliding, and even enjoy outdoor games like volleyball, badminton, etc. It is about 45km away from Bangalore and presents a thrilling experience of bonfire camping at night.

Kanakapura is a perfect blend of wild nature and thrill. It offers a wide range of exciting rock climbing adventures, trekking, rappelling, kayaking, canoeing, coracle riding, and zip-lining. It also has excellent outdoor games, which add to the fun-filled experience. The site has lush greenery, but the caves make it a standout. Kanakpura is the textbook rustic adventure presenting stunning a night under the wild sky.

  • Savandurga. 

Located about 47 km from the city, Savandurga is the best spot for trekkers as this place offers a challenging rock climbing adventure. It is covered in vast and thick greens and features a harsh, rugged landscape. While out camping in Savandurga, you can enjoy kayaking too. Thus, Savandurga packs a majestic experience topped with a great night view and bonfire camping.

  • Dandeli.

Dandeli is filled with suspenseful adventure and is an ideal option for those who love wildlife and nature. It is about 48 km away from Bangalore and is well-known for its jungle tent camping facilities and offers activities like kayaking, boating, trekking, zorbing, natural Jacuzzi baths, and various other indoor and outdoor games. Dandeli is a must-visit for true fearless explorers.

The sites mentioned above serve the best night camping experience of all time. Thus, you can search camping near me options on the internet to get a clear picture of the place.