The Weekend Curfew Package in 2022 that will live up to your Weekend plans

The Weekend Curfew Package in 2022 that will live up to your Weekend plans

It has been around two years that the dreaded pandemic has impacted our lives and in this time, there have been intense periods of infections. Unfortunately, Bangalore city has seen a rise in infections lately and that has prompted the authorities to impose a weekend curfew. The time, which you may have enjoyed with friends, will now have to be spent within the confines of home. It is sounding disappointing for sure, but we have an alternative idea. We offer you the scope to leave Bangalore before the curfew sets in and you can come back after the curfew is lifted.

Where will we be going?

That is the first question, which will arise in you and the answer is Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura. If you have been in Bangalore for some time, you will know about this place, but for newcomers, we would like to say that this is a perfect location for adventure freaks. The camp is located in the Banantimari State Forest area and the distance from Bangalore city is 50 km. Hence, you can see that we are not going too far away but we promise you will land up in the lap of nature. This place is also home to the beautiful Lake of Hosadoddi. This is an ideal place to visit if you are eager to escape from the hustle, bustle of Bangalore city life.

What is the package schedule?

It sounds interesting and you would be eager to be on board. We are receiving plenty of bookings, but there are few vacant seats. Here is the precise package and there are two options for you to select.

  • The first one is the Rs 2400/ package where you check in on a Friday at 3 pm. People who book in this package check out on Monday at 6 am.
  • The other package will cost you Rs 2500/- and here the check-in time remains the same. However, you check out on at Monday 11 am with breakfast.

This place offers the scope to participate in paintball and we will place before you this opportunity. However, interested participants will have to pay Rs 200 more.

A look at the fun on the spot

There is plenty to do once you reach this adventure camp. There is scope to do forest trekking and you can participate in a nature walk. How about enjoying a campfire or participating in an adenine rush? There is also the scope to do Lakeside camping. We will arrange all of this for you and if you love nature, adventure, one must not miss out. You must not sit idle in your Bangalore amid the curfew. Look to book the packages and enjoy time amid nature.