Prince KumarThose of you who are bored by board games and board meetings and are seeking a meaty challenge to sink your teeth in this weekend, come down to Bangalore’s favorite Paintball Arena, to play, shoot and kill.

Paintball is the ultimate mix of adventure sports and strategy – says Paintball battle-field Senior Player Prince Kumar. Surviving the paint bullets is not an easy task. Simply running around for cover will barely save you from blood thirsty enemies.

PSRenthrals battlefield expert Prince Kumar is known in Paintball circuit as a Samurai of sorts. He presides over championships. Senior Player Prince Kumar has made champions out of many novice Paintballers. Let’s just put it this way, if you don’t have a strategy, you don’t last. And if you have a Guru by your side, the field is yours.

prince kumar paintball

Those who have played Paintball are drawn in by the passion of the game.

Paintball has been branded a Geek’s game for long but now it is out in the open, mixing with the mainstream mania, and the rules of the game are still as savage as ever.


When you are out in the open at a Paintball arena near you, you must keep a few rules in your mind. These rules are the golden rules handed down from Elders of the Paintball world to those who are new to the battlefield. Keep these rules in your head if you want to bleed less and kill more.

From time immemorial, Paintball players across continents have played to secure the FLAG from their enemy territory. Consider the FLAG as the Princess you have to rescue from your enemy camp. And, remember, your enemies are everywhere.

But never fear in Paintball, you are not alone. You move towards infiltrating your enemy territory with the strategic aid of your team. The objective of the game is to secure the FLAG, carry it out in the open (like a brave heart) without being shot (of course).

If, destiny strikes, and you are hit, you have to call out to the Judge (loudly calling JUDGE-FLAG). If you are not hit, and can safely carry your enemies FLAG to your territory, sweet victory is yours to claim.


While players of all kinds play Paintball, the finest Paintball players are those who do not shoot in the face or neck region. For one reason, it does not get your opponent killed (rules say) and for another reason, it is uncool to hit where one is not armed. Always, always aim for the chest or back.

It is important to look for a large open arena for Paintball. The game is best played when you can prowl out in the open, working your way in packs and hunting down enemy gunmen. Psrenthrals brings a wide open field of playing paintball near you. You may check out their Paintball in Bangalore this weekend.



Paintball is serious fun. If this is to be your first weekend out in the Paintball arena Bangalore, then you need a trained instructor to get an insight into the battle-plan. At Psrenthrals, you have Samurai Prince Kumar by your side.Your technical equipment, gloves, guards and helmets must be in proper place. And of course, you need your bullets and gun.

It is recommended that you chose your battlefield and battle advisor with caution. Winners say that these two matter the most when it comes to winning in the world of paintball. We recommend you to choose Psrenthrals as your battle advisor, legends say, they know the field and charge a nominal battle-fees.


Get up and gear up Warrior. Get ready to shed some serious paint blood this weekend at the Paintball arena near you. May victory be yours!

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