Adventure Activities for Class 10

What adventure activities are available in Coorg Class 10?

Coorg is an adventure lover’s paradise, with a range of activities on offer to thrill and exhilarate. From white water rafting and zip lining to trekking and mountain biking, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of the top adventure activities that

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Jungle Survival Coorg

Jungle Survival Coorg- 4 Most Exciting Adventures to Experience When in Coorg

Coorg, situated on the slopes of the Western Ghats, is a rural district in Karnataka, also known as Kodagu. Coorg is famous for its coffee plantations, flowy streams, steep hills, rich flora and fauna, lush greenery, and forests with stunningly breathtaking views. Famed for its

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Outdoor Survival Coorg

Exploring Coorg through the lens of the Outdoor Survival nature exploration

The destination Coorg is a dynamic beauty on the earth. A place close to the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore has the loveliest views and the mindblowing scenario to explore the dynamics in all possible ways. So while exploring the Outdoor Survival Coorg, it’s not only

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Primitive life skills

What are the Basic Primitive Life Skills You Need to Know for Fighting Tough Situation?

Along with extensive academic knowledge, every human being should understand specific essential techniques. Every human being requires survival skills to sustain life in any natural or manmade environment. Beyond the slavery of technological advancements, primitive life skills train you to get subconsciously wired to your

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Firecamp homestay Coorg

How Homestay is a Lucrative Startup Idea and Good Option for Making Money

Homestays, by literal means, is a way you can use your spare rooms for tourist lodging. The extra space is rented to visitors against a monetary charge. The family to whom the house belongs is called the host. This practice is nowadays quite popular in

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Hiking and caving

Which Spots for Hiking and Caving in India can be Explored in 2022?

India is a country with vast and varied features. This country has got numerous places to visit and spots to explore. Tourism in India is famous for its diversity. Hiking and caving are two of the many reasons Indian tourism is renowned. There are plenty

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weekend camping trip near Bangalore

What Are The Most Feasible Options For Weekend Camping trip Near Bangalore?

Bangalore is highly renowned for the corporate and IT sectors in India. Along with the hustle and bustle of this busy city, Bangalore offers several tripping options. After the busy mundane schedule, people look for relaxing places on the weekend. This place provides many opportunities

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Resort in Bangalore

How do Resorts Welcome their Guests with Luxury and Gaiety?

A resort is a form of commercial establishment. It is sometimes referred to as a hotel with a wide range of amenities. Resorts imbibe a luxurious arrangement in comparison to a hotel. Resorts offer you all sorts of travel requirements within the same compound. You

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homestay in Coorg

How the Option of Homestay has become Prominent in Coorg?

Coorg in Karnataka is one of the state’s top tourist destinations. This place is regarded as a retreat in South India. The coffee plantations, lush greenery and natural environments are the main features of this place. As one of the high rates tourist spots, this

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Adventures to Experience in Kanakapura

Top 4 Adventures to Experience in Kanakapura

Kanakapura is a stunning gateway spot about 55 kms away from the city of Bangalore. This small town, previously known as Kaankaanhalli, is a hot spot amongst tourists. It presents versatile lush green landscapes, brilliant flora, stunning views, granite and silk production, various old temples

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