Team outings & Team Building around Bangalore

Team outings & Team Building around Bangalore with PSRenthrals

Banglore is a city of IT enthusiasts who work day and night to make India digitally upgraded. The best forms of technology, information and start-ups have made this place thoroughly enriching. To achieve the goal, a team must constantly generate new ideas. People work day

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weekend outing in Bangalore

4 Best Adventure Activities To Experience In A Weekend Getaway In Bangalore

Bangalore offers an extensive list of adventure activities, each equally dynamic and a memorable experience. Taking on adventurous outings is the best way to rejuvenate from the busy work schedule. The city and its nearby places offer an array of options perfect for a weekend

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Camping tent stay near Bangalore

Plan a Trip for Escaping the City Hustle to Weekend Camping Tours in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore is famous for the job opportunities it serves. This place is a fantastic place for techies. And in addition to it, Bangalore also homes a number of splendid destinations for weekend getaways. Amid heavy duty hours, Bangalore residents always sneak a

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Jakkur Microlight Flying

Jakkur Microlight Flying: Your Guide to Microlight Flying in Bangalore

Microlight Flying is an air sport that has recently gained recognition. Microlight Flying within India is groundbreaking in that it gives all the people in the world an opportunity to experience the thrill of flying in the air over the earth for miles and without

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Outdoor Survival Karnataka

How Incorporating Survival Skills in Upbringing Kids make them Ready in Life?

Every parent tries to imbibe several values in their children while raising them. But, other than the values of right and wrong, specific survival skills are also necessary. Survival skills are tactics that an individual can apply to remain alive in an extreme situation. These

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Outdoor Survival Kanakapura

Outdoor Survival Kanakapura | Nature Adventure Camp Kanakapura: The Best Weekend Escape

The Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura packs an adventure-filled experience promising memorable experiences with your family and friends. Located about 60 kilometres from the bustling city of Bangalore, it is the best spot for an adventurous and thrilling weekend retreat. Nature Adventure Camp is a

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homestay in Karnataka

Are Homestays A Better Option When Looking For A Weekend Getaway in Karnataka?

Homestays are simply a well-supplied decorative residence where travellers can stay during their trip. Homestays offer a home-like ambience and various comforting facilities. These homestays are majorly owned by locals providing an authentic experience to the travellers. In India, homestays are becoming popular. Travellers prefer

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Day Out Resorts Near Bangalore

5 Reasons Why Resorts are an Excellent Vacation on Day Outs near Bangalore

Many individuals attempt to avoid staying in a resort due to the cost when it comes to vacationing. Though you may have to pay a significant sum upfront, the resort’s facilities and amenities make up the price. In many circumstances, it might even prove to

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Camping Sites Near Bangalore

10 Best Camping Sites Near Bangalore

Looking for a camping site near Bangalore? Here are 10 of the best options: 1. Camping at Nandi Hills Nandi Hills is one of the most popular Camping sites near Bangalore, especially among adventure enthusiasts. The hilly terrain and scenic views make it ideal for

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Forest Survival Bangalore

The Secrets of the Forest Survival Camp in Bangalore To explore a New Dimension of Life

Darkness, peace, and thrill are what forest is all about. To explore a forest, you need to have an explorative soul unlike you have it; hard for you to enjoy the thrill and peace that a forest brings in! Bangalore, a cosmopolitan city, is perfect

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