One Day Trekking Experience in Bangalore Is Blissful!

One Day Trekking Experience in Bangalore Is Blissful!

Bangalore the air-conditioned city of India has a magnificent beauty and amazing weather to live by. This city is well known for its high rate of trekking and hiking destinations located here and there. Within close proximity of the city, there are nearby towns and cities namely, Magadi, Chikkaballarpur, Ramanagara, Tumkur and even Kolar. These are small one-day trekking destinations where you will enjoy trekking along with an amazing experience of nature’s creation.

It is very important for us to break the monotony of life.  The one Day Trekking near Bangalore destinations not only have the sparkly interest but it will surely refresh your droning daily life.  Believe it or not, trekking is the most favourite weekend activity for the majority of travellers. The life in Bangalore is highly fitness-oriented thus; people are more motivated in trekkers and hiker here.  The trekking sites in Bangalore is often crowded with a large gathering of the commoners who are highly trekking enthusiasts trying to simply capture the sunrise or the elaborative sunsets on every location they travel.

Trekking at the SRS Hills Ramanagara is one of the most favourites and populated with enthusiastic trekkers all the year-round.  This town of Karnataka has the headquarters at the Ramanagara district itself. It is famous for the silk market, thus popularly known as Silk town. The majestic SRS hills surrounding the place namely, Shivaramagiri, Somagiri, Yatirajagiri Krishnagiri, Jala Siddeshwara hill Revana Siddeshwara hill and Sidilakallu hill. These hills make the place most attractive overall.  Another most attractive feature of the Ramanagara is that it is well known for movie shoots. The hilocation of the place is so spectacular and vintage that the natures’ the outlook is captured by the nature lovers for every work they do or to just experience the serenity.

The adventurous day outing in Ramanagara will simply engage you in the most challenging tasks and rewarding sports which include rock climbing, bird watching, rappelling and even camping. You will also enjoy the pitched climbing, the Janapda Loka and even the Kanva reservoir which is the most attractive locations inside the Ramanagara.

One day trekking in the Ramanagara will surely let you enjoy the most memorable moments of your trekking days which you will cherish throughout your life. This hill is often termed as the Sholay hill, as one of the biggest Bollywood cinema hits was enacted in this place. There is a dedicated temple of Lord Rama and there are numerous stairs to reach the temple upside on the hill. If you are planning for an SRS Hills Camp then your trip will be most spectacular. There are so many things to explore and what not to include. You will enjoy localities food, nature’s creation and even the homestay that everyone loves to experience.

If you are planning for a trip in Bangalore, try to go for trekking at the SRS Hills at Ramanagara for the impressive lifetime experience. Check out the best sites of one-day trekking at Bangalore today!

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