Jungle Survival Coorg- 4 Most Exciting Adventures to Experience When in Coorg

Jungle Survival Coorg- 4 Most Exciting Adventures to Experience When in Coorg

Coorg, situated on the slopes of the Western Ghats, is a rural district in Karnataka, also known as Kodagu. Coorg is famous for its coffee plantations, flowy streams, steep hills, rich flora and fauna, lush greenery, and forests with stunningly breathtaking views. Famed for its misty landscape and rich culture, Coorg brings thrilling once in lifetime adventurous experiences. Apart from treks and rock climbing, it offers the exciting Jungle Survival Coorg, an experience challenging the tourists’ basic survival instincts and creating a safe space for travelers to live the scenic beauty of Coorg and enjoy the thrills of the wild. Coorg is well-known for the hospitality of its uniquely cultured local clan called the Kodavas, who specialize in martial arts. Thus, it brings a catchy amalgamation of adventure, nature, culture, history, and good food, making it one of India’s most sought-after tourist spots.

Let us venture through some of the most exciting adventures one must experience in Coorg.

Top 4 must-experience adventures when in Coorg:

  • Camping

Camping under the wild open sky is one of the most underrated adventures in Coorg. It is an ideal spot for open-air camping as it packs one of the best starry night scenes. Adventurous camping in Coorg is the perfect escape to rejuvenate yourself from the daily stresses of life. Camping in Coorg requires permission, and it has several camping sites like Chelavara falls, Gonikoppal, Nalaknad Palace, etc.

  • River rafting 

Coorg is also an excellent spot for water sports enthusiasts. It offers great river rafting opportunities in the Whimsical Barapole River, situated close to the Dubare Elephant Camp. Rafting in the Barapole River will bring an ideal experience for travelers, and it is also a very reasonable adventure. For the safety of the tourists, when rafting, professionals do accompany every boat to rule out the fear of any hazardous accidents.

  • Safari

For the lover of nature and wildlife, a jeep safari is a must-experience adventure. The tourists get the opportunity to ride a 4WD jeep safari which is perfect for a thrilling safari across the wild forests of Coorg. You can experience the best of nature and wildlife and live the chilling adventures of a wildlife safari.

  • Microlight flight

Enjoy most of the sunny and clear weather in Coorg; you can opt for a ride on the Microlight flight. It is a popular activity in Chelavara, offering the best of the views of Coorg. You can experience the bird view from about 5000 meters above the sky live the lush green scenery of Coorg.

Thus, Coorg packs a year-round destination, making it a must-visit spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers.