There are two kinds of minds which plan weekend getaways from Bangalore. The first is the tourists’ mind. Tourists seek comfort and pleasant evening strolls. The second kind of mind which plans weekend getaway are those of adventurers. This is the rarer kind of mind. They generally don’t care much for niceties. They seek challenges to rejuvenate their psyche. They thrive on the thrill. At PSR ENTHRALS, we welcome these adventurers and explorers to our Kanakapura adventure camp with open arms.

The Kanakapura campsite is just about two hours away from Bangalore city. The terrain here is however very different from that of the city. Those thirsting adventures of sports will find a barrage of gruelling activities to unleash themselves in.

Below is a glimpse of what awaits your next Weekend Outing near Bangalore.

Trekking Up-Hill

Kanakapura Campsite is close to the Bananthimari hills. The ascension trek involves climbing up inclined surfaces of pure hard rock. The adjacent forest is enchanting. You can hear the rustle of dried leaves as you proceed down the path towards the hills. This trek is one of the less explored tracks and a delight for explorers. The view from the hilltop makes the sweat and rush worth the climb.

Cave Exploration

Once you are through with the ascent up the hills you will catch a glimpse of an ancient cave. This ancient beast is spread across 500 square feet and a steep pit of 40 feet depth. It’s a precious feeling to stand inside the depths of the cave and experience the silence in which the cave lives. Get in touch with our team to know the equipment requirement.

Water Sports


Water activities are plenty at the nature adventure camp in Kanakapura. Swimming to indulge in after the early morning trek. You could choose to simply immerse yourself in the cool waters of the Hosadoddi Lake. Swimming is just one of the options. You may choose to put your adventurous sports hat on. You can take up Kayaking, Canoeing or Coracle. The choice is yours.

Rope Courses

Adventurers don’t sit back till the sun sets. Neither will you at your Kanakapura day outing. Participate in the gruelling adventurous sports of 360-degree obstacle and rope courses. You will find an entire range of adventure activities that beat a whole week’s workout at air-conditioned gyms. Your natural instincts will be heightened and your system rejuvenated.

And Of Course, Camping

The Kanakapura campsite is located at the heart of nature. The location allows you to trek, explore caves, swim and take obstacle courses throughout the day. In the evening, however, Kanakapura camp invites you to sit around the fire and stretch your legs, sing songs and make merry.

More often than not, this campsite has witnessed groups being moulded into teams and new friendships being forged by the fireside. If you are unafraid to explore nature and want to reconnect with your root strengths within, Kanakapura Camp is the destination that must visit this weekend.

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