Fun Facts about Paintball: the Fastest growing extreme sport in Bangalore

Fun Facts about Paintball: the Fastest growing extreme sport in Bangalore

Take a little bit of chess, mix it with hide and seek and add a healthy dose of adrenaline. What you get is paintball, a game that is slowly but surely attracting hundreds of people across the country.

Bangalore has, over the past decade, developed into a great place for adventure sports and one day outing with family. While you do have to do a bit of traveling to get to its mountains and beautiful rivers, they are the perfect settings for trekking and river rafting, among other adventure sports. We’ve put together a list of some challenging and thrilling adventure activities in Bangalore that you will have access to.

Here are some fun facts about paintball Arena which make you more curious to join us for the most attracting game which surely attracting hundreds of people across the country.

1. The correct term for a paintball gun is “paintball marker”.

The first paintball guns were ne’er supposed to be used on people. In fact, they were used to mark trees and cattle–hence the term, “paintball marker”. Cattlemen use paintball markers to mark cattle among a herd. They could mark a cow that seems to be pregnant or wounded in order that they will take away them from the herd later. Loggers and foresters use paintball markers to mark trees. It’s rather more economical that walking up to a tree and marking it with a will of paint.

2. The outer shell of a paintball is formed from gelatin.

You may be stunned to seek out paintballs are manufactured from gelatin, identical stuff in jello. There are many reasons for it. First, the machines that turn out paintballs were originally designed to create pills. Gelatin is definitely light, that makes it ideal thanks to encapsulate medication. Another advantage of creating paintballs with gelatin is that gelatin is perishable. In fact, paintballs are created entirely of food-grade ingredients. Sadly they taste terrible!

Check out this video to find out more regarding how paintballs are created.

3. You can’t freeze paintballs in your fridge.

One of the things we typically hear from new players is however they grasp someone who froze paintballs before enjoying. Fortunately paintball manufactures are awake to this story and are putting an eco-friendly anti-freeze in their paintballs. Paintballs really become brittle in cold weather that is why most fields switch to a winterized paintball once the weather turns cold.

4. The first fully automatic paintball gun came out in 1989.

The first absolutely automatic paintball gun was created by Tippmann Pnuematics in ft. Wayne, IN. it absolutely was referred to as the SMG-60. Paintballs were loaded into clips and therefore the magazine command eighteen rounds. The gun was such a plus over the opposite paintball guns of the time that it absolutely was prohibited from most tournaments.

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