Explore The Extravaganza at Ramnagar Adventure Tour

Explore The Extravaganza at Ramnagar Adventure Tour

Travelling is a breakthrough from daily monotony. A journey begins with the Ramnagar adventure tour; it takes an adventure niche to enjoy any trekking experience to a break freeing yourself at Ramnagar. The adventure takes you to the right to the heart and unique unexplored destinations full of fun, freedom and flexibility.

The place Ramnagar Camping and adventure are situated around 50 kilometres from the Bangalore and is famously known as ‘Mecca of Rocks’. It holds the finest and the oldest granite outcrops.  The rocks of Ramnagar are much greater than the artificial walls.  On a one day trek to SRS Hill Ramanagara you will surely experience and adrenaline rushes which climbing up on the walls.

The serene beauty of the local village and the historical places like the Janapada Loka, Ramadevara betta, or Ravanasideshwara hill are must-visit places. You can even explore the adventure camping in Ramanagara and the film city which is almost 50 acres spread and is full of leisure and recreation destination for all aged groups. A quick trip next to Bangalore makes Ramanagara the only choice.  It is one of the best destinations which offer numerous adventurous sports for nature lovers.

If you wish to break yourself from the shackles of the daily life, it is the time to get into the adventure cum day out book SRS Hills Ramnagar Night Trek packages which will delight your trip in every possible way.  The SR hills are the heart of the Ramnagar and an ideal abode for the complete retreat which will fill your heart with exuberant of experiences.

Plan a trip

  • Check-in around 8.30 am to know what all the activities are waiting for you once you are heading towards adventure hills Camp Ramanagara. This will engross you to take part in the trek, rain dance with music one and even team building activities which is also very much needed.
  • You need to identify your adventure rope for the activities like Rappelling at SRS Hills Ramanagara, zipping or other water sports which includes the Kayaking or even swimming in the Lake as well with life jackets on.
  • Teamed up with some fun people on the Adventure Camp in Ramanagara enjoy the time with enthusiastic people to engage in some outdoor fun games like cricket, Volleyball, Or Shuttlecock, or Table Tennis or target shooting or even archery and many more.  You can explore playing indoor games like carom, ludo, chess, Uno and make other games.
  • In the evening you can wind up the entire day of Ramanagara adventure trip in Bangalore around 6 pm with a bad full of fun and cherishable memories.

If you are planning for Campfire Circle adventure trip Bangalore, you better nest your campsite around 2 acres of land of the place. The availability of luxurious hotels, homestay can be your home for two days of the outing.  At the Ramanagara, the best conducts on the adventure activities, the custom packages based on the requirements are awarded for the best offering for the tourists.

The passionate and the enthusiastic travellers will love exploring the beauty of the SRS Hill Night Trek with Kayaking which will undoubtedly reduce your fear and make you a pro adventurer for life. The space in the campsites does train fresher with small rocks and then to the bigger rocks. Even if you start with your trekking activities it is better to guide based on the risk management and safety equipment as well. It is very important for you to get into a basic rick management course while travelling to explore the beauty more risk-free.

The idea of Day Outing at Campfire Circle in Bangalore, especially in Ramanagara is one of the most popular places for rock climbing sport. If you are more interested in rock climbing or water sports, do give it a try at this specific place to experience the ultimate beauty of these sports.  Explore the unique experience to blend with adventure, and team building fun for a lifetime. Book your trip today!

Explore The Extravaganza at Ramnagar Adventure Tour
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Explore The Extravaganza at Ramnagar Adventure Tour
A journey begins with the Ramnagar adventure tour niche to enjoy any trekking experience to a break freeing yourself at Ramnagar.
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