Exciting Weekend Trekking Destinations to explore in 2022

Exciting Weekend Trekking Destinations to explore in 2022

Bangalore is often referred to be the top destination for job seekers. Many venturers travel from different cities to be here—now, being away from home, on the weekends, what shall one do? Travel is the best thing to do in this case. The advantage of staying in Bangalore is that you will get ample places to explore nearby, such as weekend gateways. The Bangalore Weekend Travelers have a large community where travellers from different places communicate and make things more operative. The city of Bangalore is on the radar of trekking enthusiasts for its excellent trekking trails.

Top things to do by the Bangalore Trekking Group

Here is a list of top places to explore on the weekend for trekking near Bangalore.

1: Nandi hills 

The famous summer adobe of Tipu Sultan. This exotic place is a perfect offering for an awe-inspiring sunset view with a moderate trek offering. You can climb the mountain to get a stunning sunset view. There is a famous rock outcrop that is another tourist attraction here.

2: Makalidurga

It is a famous giant hillock located around 75 kilometres away from Bangalore. It is one of the most challenging trekking propositions filled with wild shrubs, vegetation, and granite hillocks. You can explore the surrounding places filled with forest and the lord Krishna temple at the foothills. The sites have other ruined forts that attract the crowd.

3: Anthargange

If you are fond of cave exploration, then this trek is perfect for you. The place offers a moderate 3 kilometres of a trek to the visitors along with boulders, small hillocks, and even volcanic rocks. The trail is tricky, and it’s quite popular overnight to camp in this mysterious cave.

4: Madhugiri

One of the most loved trekking spots for the Bangalore weekend traveller who loves to explore offbeat places. Some challenging stretches need to be explored, and itu should not skip this year because it is a perfect weekend travel destination.

5: Savandurga Hill

It is a perfect place if you want to explore the most significant and ancient monolith. The picturesque beauty offers an easy and moderate trekking experience to the trekkers. Often expert trekkers choose night trek for a significant highlighting experience in life.

The Indian Weekend Travelers never skip these places as it is a must for all to explore. It would help if you did not look back while going high. Plan out a trip this weekend.